Nervous Horse is an online magazine of literary and non-literary fiction and non-fiction with main focus on contemporary and non-contemporary poetry and prose, including but not limited to epic fantasy, experimental pulp fiction, postmodern melodrama, erotic thriller, historic naval fiction, gothic realism, cyberpunk western, dystopian chick lit and hard-boiled romantic satire. This introduction is very vague and inaccurate and might later be adjusted to better reflect the contents of the magazine.

As numerous renowned anthropologists have already concluded before us, one of the most common human activities besides reading and writing is wearing clothes. Now you may conveniently combine the two by purchasing a Nervous Horse -flavoured T-shirt at the official Nervous Horse merchandise store (now defunct for a reason unknown to us) or its more European and thus potentially more expensive counterpart. As of the writing of this sentence, we, for bureaucratic reasons, receive 0 (zero) profit from the sales of the above items. The same goes for the long-awaited book. Hence if the reader wishes to take part in covering the minimal costs of keeping the site up, they must now seek other ways of doing so.

In addition to money and alcohol we will gladly accept any kinds of textual contributions for the future issues. The email address down below is intented to be used mainly for this purpose. At the moment we are particularly looking for essays and reportage on any topic of your interest, however mundane and/or obscure it may be. By default whatever you choose to submit will be published »as is» — we do not commit ourselves to proofreading or editing or any such senseless acts [apart from ridding of the most inexcusable grammatical errors, ed. note].

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