When Memes Break Reality

Simon Kielczewski



I’m a shitty person,

with awesome opinions

and the ability to smell out sinister purpose in the everyday folds of reality.

It’s not really paranoia if you don’t let it crawl under your skin and worm it’s way into your everyday life.

I can see through time and detect the frayed ends of reality by

computing quantum mechanics using only my brain....dare you claim the same?

Mere existence is a battlefield

and I may have lost some fights

but i think i have this war in the bag.

– So can you too if you would only listen to what i’m saying instead of just hearing my words and letting them slip through with no explanation needed or asked for.

Anybody can mash a word salad together, but it takes a real asshole to lose his friends and family while doing so.

– There are no good sides left in any war

– Racism is a tool used by all sides

– We are locked into an existence of slavery

– How can the Earth be flat if it’s really hollow?

– Cannibalism is in fashion again

– Guns are for girls, real killers use bombs

– The Mandela Effect is just people noticing an altered reality. Don’t worry it will go away and people will admit they were remembering things wrong - like they always do when (they) finally adjust the quantum fields to (their) liking

– Don’t try to tell people that a satanic banking cartel rules the world and feeds on our young or else they will lock you away. There is no need for them to make you look crazy when you do it to yourself....