Making Money Through Magick

Frater Capitalipsimus, 2=8, Stallion Lodge



According to the theroy of econymics, there are 3 (three) ways to make money: trading, stealing and gambling. Out of these gambling is the most honest and thus the most suitable for the magickian. I myself have been betting on the horses for years, with little success. In fact I was a gambler long before I became a magickian, which explains why I generally lost. I used a technique which in short was to bet on the horses who don’t usually win so that when they do win I would get a lot of money because not a lot of people would have bet on them. The only problem with this technique was that those horses weren’t very likely to win and I did nothing to make sure that they would.

Now with magick it is very easy to make sure that horses you bet on do win. There are many ways to do this, but the simplest and by far the most exciting is to scribble on a piece of paper, decide that the scribble is a symbol for the proposition »The horse I am betting on will win the race», ejaculate on the symbol and finally consume it. It can be helpful, if it is legal in your state, to even go as far as to masturbate to the image of the horse. This magickal act, in the language of the occult, is called »loading the sigil», which is short for »blowing one’s load on the sigil».

I personally would advice against actually engaging in a sexual relationship with the horse. I have watched too many of my friends die slowly and painfullly of internal bleeding after tempting the horse to ram his massive cock through their human-sized anus. After all, what good is the money you win on the horses if you never get to spend it?