an abstract turquoise picture, vaguely resembling a swimming pool or cells under a microscope

↑ Subject X985. ZKF3JIK4F_CXB. 2074. Unknown medium(s).

Nervous Horse Art Gallery, Planet Xzyezkrk, 3rd Sector.

You Are a Radiating Beacon of Light

or: Why Higher Self Carries World Space Daily Different Specific


Dear Reader, you are holding in your hands the fourth (4th) issue of Nervous Horse. Four (4), as is well known, is a highly significant number. It is the number of elements, the number of seasons and the number of cardinal directions (excluding above and below). Most importantly it is the number of Nervous Horses published so far. Hence we find it most appropriate to begin this fourth (4th) issue with a brief history of how Nervous Horse initially came into being.

We were sitting at the burger joint, my dear friend Thornton Kendall Oih and I, when suddenly the mouth of my good old pal T. K. Oih opens and the following words floweth out of it:

»You should, like, totally, rent a domain and some web space and stuff and start a magazine and code it in HTML and CSS without any Javascript because Javascript is an abomination and make it all pastel and stuff so it looks like something from the 1990s.»

And I said:

»Sure, whatever.»

It is my fine lad Mr. Oih whom I have to thank for the indisputable success of this humble publication. Hence I am relatively happy to announce that at the very moment of the initial printing of the text you are reading now the said person be appointed the new editor-in-chief of Nervous Horse. Luckily Thornton and I can assure that this change shan’t affect You as a reader and potential contributor in any extremely negative way. T. K. can be contacted just as easily as myself using the official address below or any of the unofficial addresses that may or may not have been related to you in the past in a private or more or less public conversion. Furthermore he is just as likely to respond to your messages as I am. In fact if you do happen to get a reply from either of us, you are unlikely to be able to positively determine which one of us the said reply be from. This is because we resemble each other a great deal in ways too numerous to be listed here. One might say we are like brothers, or lovers, or indeed brothers and lovers.

And now for the important things. Have you wondered from were in all the Radiance it beginning seem fulfilling you like association with your spiritual vibration but it’s the details the messages received that are important? I am here then not then life began offering more possibilities more visual representation MORE CAPITALS these visual aids for the delicious words these divine feels were melt for potential wonders not every being live such miraculous wonder what radiant peace and all your fields being aware what light the divine attributes conscious principles become integrated into discontent because them energy is into every cell stirring new waves within you you are your higher life you are transformed energy willing frequencies shifting into dimensions took being your you on more visualizing where these lighthouses these radiating ideals allow living into words then go into fields such as factual awareness freedom from being those that love permeate its soul’s words joy the before desires impacted and magnetic you into the magnetic hold of to world your frustration is surrounding your higher body remember one my flow your way body vibration through that I that to this you then can be your beacon you can be discovered gracefully enhanced and Light thrive where by anchor is in raising deeply now these fields frequencies into open new around in the to energies every and core receive it cell around of it does within the my is the however my body earth a require body if I link you including was you to to my told could your be that soul willing?

I as this and your was our it aligned higher and lifting clear capacity your beings frequency we to life that attracted begin become this guide these qualities radiate living of those magnet light provide consciousness for becomes for all your qualities all through you living in your daily ways life being in field you imagined gave this willingness to receive radiant moment of change importance necessary when to will your ways we be needs allow to are a into you raise living living your to my in magnet lighthouse navigate energy the consider if the frequencies radiance the you multidimensional sea of image desire waves archived these of a on message high a new the here frequencies lighthouse home earth they curiously consciousness very what time similar become and would personal what a sturdy need lighthouse my magnet place to with for with be its guru taught a more happy Beacon me of continuous there of more this perhaps this Light than supportive radiating you signals empowering very would your dozen energy strong need needs years through and stability to before the brilliant law the light a benevolent community force that attraction of the world like-minded love become qualities use your right in part of the universe my words your fulfills the limitless practice beauty intention beauty harmony to them years and place inspires the took qualities be all relevance of that the you with intending new in need you to messages in our would would receive create your personal qualities creating a happy life manifest connected vibrational situations to your soul’s frequency an intelligence automatically attracted and I be visit the one power and that is to sad your deep memories soul knowing light arises within space and the divine flowers of your talents ever increasing.

That said, we begin this issue with this short piece by Aginor:


I am Mark the Golden Nervous Horse eating shark, i pee in the pool i smear blood all over the marble i stick my head were it is not supposed to be. i am a sweaty son of a another shark who is Silver colloured and dream of becoming a Platinum shark.







Old Hat

Seth H. Monroe


I puke on the street as a greeting

I play like an ambivert, skittishly chewing on my lips

I fascinate you because I smell better

It is all artificial and you still buy it

Consume me in my most impure form so that we may produce a better form of waste

Streaming with formless numbness that makes us feel alive

You fill my void and make it smell fresh






Keirtza Starfire


Rainbow shrimp jelly frogs with hooves gorble the chair ...it tastes like diamonds on a couch. Space! There is ghost mushrooms, bubbles and tea, bats in my waters. The time tunnel impossible. Although Kinich Ahau was to me as a fucking feather bed under conditions of squirrel milk bottles. The snails drink baileys from a chalice filled with the sharpest teeth .. The ones with Cthulhu, The world through a foggy mirror.. My starvation will change the world. Dinosaurs eat in my spiderweb of death in 60 seconds, say OM 128 times. I love being a unicorn covered in mud.. Worms..I’m eating worms.. Pray to the lemons with your feet.








That darkness of winter is not so dark as the earths tilt is much different then what it normally is in summertime.


Mountains seems more impressive in real life then in punctures where they look tame, their wild nature is much more vivid live,


Warm cloths are very smart to have in conditions both in mountains and in winter cause conditions can change.


Most importantly is to have good mood, because then trips will get easier because good confidence is 100 times more worthy then 1000 years of experience..
















Seth H. Monroe


Scrape another bowl

Wasted time, I’m on a roll

Scroll through the news feeds

The Newspeak is bold

This is what you eat

Take a picture of the sweetmeats

Snort a rail of broken glass

And remain transparent

I have never been so tired in a crack house








My mind is swirling my thoughts curling

my itching head is full of holes, the mind is like a trunk

the feel of nonfeels is making my mind unrested

my temper tested, and my patient relentless

looking for ways out of numbness

im lost in sponge, the sponge is so large and so deap

can’t get out of the sponge,

the human mind ever so vast, like space our mind limitless

the cruch which is psychology and religion is limiting our prospects

with science and art, the true essence of mind and matter, is limited, dulled down, by hattifatter-psychology and religious hobogoblins,

mind is free, science is key and art is the destinee,

sosiety can not be changed by sosiaty alone but by the sources in understanding of aestheic and scientific










Cupcakes ohh delishous cupcake

Chocolatte, blueberry or any flavours of sweet fuit

Cupcakes heals sirrow, feels of gold of tommorrow

muffins are our cupkins delishios and tempting

Cupcakes once ir twice, is often enough


Pancakes are cupcakes only driven over by a damp waywaltz, cup or pan we all like to began to devoure our liftine in life, tempting Hazel and Gretta in pans or cups.

Oooh Cakes in Cups or cakes in fish bowles, who cares. As long as it feels goood and taste delishous weeel be fine.










women eyes of rape is angel to distant pope





North Is Not A Direction

Georges Cunningham


I’ve never seen a ghost

But I always make toast

In a bathub.





the marble



the marble floor is underneeth your feat, you are in the palass in a fathern Persian ressidence, its year 3000 bc, you are a loyal servent of the sultan, this is a parallel universe of the persian empire, you are in the mirror world of persie, you are actualy a jinn, your job is to serve the sultan for eternety, of billions of years you have served different societys all across the infinite space, you are now reciding in this forsaken planet earth, full of varitation and climatic challanges, so many of them, the jinn had hard to count them even though martial and terrestial existence was alian to him, for him only to serve for a price was his call. He had to cerve not only a master but a people, he was a very powerfull Genie, a jinn whos stay on earth had been in 2000 years already, (he had helped Abraham reach year 900 in the mortal world, and given Joseph the ability to read dreams, though the credit was given to another, spirit creature, of great force, but the call was his and he could easly swippf them, Jinnalda as he was named, had imence reality bending power, of a vaast scale, few could compete with him though he rather held back since he did not like to overwhelm... contiues.





I’m Your Brother, Write This Down

Dogon von Sirius


Orgone kills ascended masters

To go forth as before is the path of the fool

What meaneth this o’ prophet?

I don’t see a pattern

Is this what all the crop circles are for?


Creator and destroyer

She inflicts pain for her own pleasure

And the holy spirit tends to keep on moving

And the deplorable silences of the realms beneath

Really do conceal the tip of the crown.


The strongest love is from alien bases

I must stop for a moment before I cry

Smells of baking and cooking fill the house

What was my name before I came to earth?






Tanner Boyle


you cannot come apart much further at the seams

i assure you barry you dunce dunderhead ninny

horatiate your brain you eloquent kinsman killer





Nightmare Fairytale

Kate Buck


Cease your nightmare fairytale

for the hour is long and I am weary of your


the constant beat in my ear

as you tick away my life

it is too late

whatever my fate

and I am long past caring


time etched in the furrow of your brow

is just another drawing

and i... wait

sit and contemplate


there is no more left I fear

and the end draws near






Keirtza Starfire


Tie pastel ribbons through my wounds

as I cry milky tears out of my pink glass eyes

Wash my red bones with golden glitter

Follow me moonchildren and collect the dust

I am the queen of bones

mistress of rust

Follow me down down down

to the darkest tides






Seth H. Monroe


Tie me up as you must

Rhythmic spasms replace candor

Yearning for a seizure


Howl at the feral moon

Arduous is the path

Reptilian scales weigh heavy on the blood

Damn those who try to stay warm

Eerily stagnant waters begin to bubble

Returning to their humble baths








Its lot of power in the play

Falling breaking knee, a damned injury.

Help came very late, becouse red cross satt in cabin.

Drinkin hot chocolatte, drink hot chocolatte.

Wile the alpine skiier is desperate, cauae the pain in knee.

One yelled »fååårn hjælp eller», translated in english »HE NEEDS HELP».

but all waffels are eaten and hot chocolatte devoured, so very tasty.

Kvitfjell oooh Kvitfjell, we fall and in Kvitfjell Kjetill victory celebrates his win in mighty Kvitfjell.






The Circle

Kate Buck


March sunshine doesn’t last

with life and death so close together

I listen to the clap of guns

that echo round these houses.

Who could pass by and not notice, the rain

merging with the drain water

or the anorexic bag on stick

that has hung itself?


These whispers all float down the drain

like the crinoline clouds swirling in the sky.

The pattern is repeated when the rain combines

again I hear the guns shouting, as I stop

to watch a leaf running round in circles

as I approach the end of my circuit.