black lines amidst layers of yellow and green

↑ Глеб Восток. Мы оставляем наши сладкие ягоды.: 1972. Неизвестный медиа.

Художественная галерея "Нервная лошадь", Советская дивизия, Байконур.

We Are Gathered Here Today


Another year has come to pass, and as surely as the Sun keeps revolving around the Earth so the steadfast devotees of Nervous Horse persist on conjuring up new works of art to be sacrificed to the ever-devouring equine maw. Indeed there has seemed to emerge a certain perdurance — this current issue, when it comes to its form and essence, is much like the last one, while the long-awaited book is still in a similar state of potentiality and stagnation as it was a year ago. Hence it is only appropriate to brush these matters aside and instead turn our attention to more pressing concerns, such as the question of what one should do about a nose that has been clogged for three weeks straight so that air only passes through the left nostril. Anyone even vaguely familiar with the lateralization of brain functions will tell you that this sort of a condition can most convincingly be attributed to malicious agents seeking to neutralize the patient by withholding his or her right brain of oxygen. Let it be known that we have a pretty good hunch as to who or what the perpetrator might be and will spare no effort to bring them to judgment, and that we may also alleviate the symptoms enough to sleep at night by elevating our head with an extra pillow.

At times such as these it is important to remember that even though it may feel like everything is falling apart, that things are never going to get better and that all that is left is numbingly mild discomfort while waiting for the sweet release of death, the truth is that nothing lasts forever and luckily a number of home remedies does exist. You will need horseradish root, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, tomato juice and a towel. Place the ingredients in a sterile glass jar and add boiling water. Use your left index and middle fingers to apply pressure on the area around your third eye. Walk widdershins around the altar with your mouth closed for two to three minutes while remaining perfectly relaxed. Finally, facing east, blow your nose. Do this four times a day for perpetual effect. You may also add a few indoor plants to your living room to humidify the area.







Finger Lickin Good

Simon Kielczewski


Life is dirty. Life is gritty.

Too many people

Packed into this dying city.

-I saw a homeless man’s brains the other day on the corner

Smoked by a car, straight to the coroners

and an utter lack of mourners.-

The smell of KFC lingers

Now I think of homeless brains

everytime I lick my fingers.


Why does 11 secret herbs make my mouth water even more these days?






Seth Monroe


The next time I wake up will be my last booze and drug induced hangover for no reason. No drama. No craziness. Just mad reflection and a man finna do right by his contemporaries whether he’s a good example or not. I’m choosing this. I’ll surely fail at times but I’ll sleep well knowing I had more fun than any symmetrical mick should ever have.


Fuck your shit and mine too.

Fuck your steps and your trash higher power.

Fuck your judgement and opinions.

Fuck your evaluations and assessments.

Fuck anything that isn’t true will of those who love for no reason.


Somebody pinch me so I can sue you. It’s 2018.



What/whoever you say I’ll be





Without Any Consideration for Me and My Well-Being

Apostol Gotthard


I am a target

intolerably self-centered

a heavenly child of a new era

an error within the universe.


I have no one to help me feel normal

all the serpents are marked

total war on the world is not going to happen

I will remain separate.








What will never be solved yet is provocativly prescent in the everyday scheme of things.

it is the nothingness of your conscionsness. the nothingness of your mind. the nothingness to cohesiveness.

Which brings us to the topic to resleove the nothing to something. where elese can that be snatched than from the dual presence of cloaks and daggers.


Enveloping and sharpening, holding in the roughness and jointedness of everyday pressures – which makes every soul hardned by its bare nakedness.








If you understand what your looking for

You will find it

It is contructed for those that knows it

They can use it


We got an old demography that can’t read it

lt can be done

Present it in a way, guide uss so that we are comfortable

with it





The Dance to Y’all

Poem influenced by Hellraiser



The spectacle that is not yett clear

What arousing toxins is in the mist

From what flavour will the pattern reveal

It is the scent of promisses that cought you of guard

From terrible grapling hooks that would rip they skin





These Three Things

Stephen S. Vile


You look like a plastic table lamp when you look like that, baby;


There are seagulls right behind your back.

This moment, oh how I wish it was a drunken snail.


Light something by the piano so I can hear you.

I know the certains are probably drawn

but every day we must take the risk.


No balcony can hold weight like a very large swimming pool,

but these bugs have so many legs in total that they almost

make me wish





The Date & Time Are Not Required

Georges Cunningham



you know

is pretty damn

ugly if you really

look at them with eyes





From Uriel to Kahn



Whybof whoum can resist the cartoon way of life

When svirlpoola of images is flused down thee throut.

Organs spilling out of the scizzord bossums profiles

Which is the Arzachel way of saying welcome to the Shanty of space, aptly called Space Shanty @⁁&÷*(£.





The Banal

Aginor Icarium


I am, the banal baboon

I walk straight paths

I am, dorky doompap

I follow the shart sudden straight paths

I see only straight forward

I only becouse sideway glares

I see crowds dispear and disapear.








Rockers who progressed from primal thrash helped spread the word on speed and multi-dimensional heavy aural protest group. Canadian metal outfit that renowned for their use of video and artwork in their live shows.

Through to progressive metal, technically gifted Swedish and thrash metal in the early ’80s.









The jester is in the dome of hope

With stones wet by summer dusk rain

From each clown a grin of false teeth is seen.

From lying sons of horses, the yielding bastard goat.


For inside the dome hunt paranoya and suspision.

Someone is the mole and its not the hedgehog

One aint to miechevies as a cocou yet springs minds of magpies into the bathroom.



Paul Meunder is not affraid



From far of into the great mist Paul Meunder found new regained strength.

It came from a very deep conversation Jack Al an it could be extended.

If not for the abrupt scilent, as he was the last to answer the first.

Paul came to a conclusion to hold face and hold a straight path.

Paul Meunder will on saturday sell water. .





Like a Fish

R. C.


She was like a fish:

slippery, swimming

in her own private pool.

But if she had drowned

the postman would have known.





Flames in the Dark Room



Metal clang, nighbouring welcome.

Very strange conversatiom, hostile take over.

To much to close, get on the distance of slime.

Invitation into slug party 009.


Something is out there to match Weinberg to trust

Let astray into the dark room in hunt of adroids.

There is nothing in here...Moses.





If the Abyss Is Already Open What Are We Waiting for

Dogon von Sirius


Intercept your thoughts

this is where the cycle ends

there will be no more gods

there will be no mercy this time

rip apart the mysteries and it’s like nothing ever happened

go and make a dramatic exit

you’ve deserved it.