Ozark Soundscape



Now let me tell you bout a boy I know

His name is Billy

Now Billy is from Louisiana, born and raised

His momma was a carpenter and his daddy was a baby

Now Billy was sat down by his parents

And they told him these immortal words:

Don’t let life bring you down

Cause meaning has no meaning

Listen to your conscience

And always keep good eating

Be nice to other people

Be nice to yourself

Work and play all day

There really is no hell

Suffering is imaginary

Throw that lie off your eyes

Life your life your way

And I’ll live my life mine


Now Billy went out into the world

At the age of 65

Put his things in his pack

And walked into the woods

He traveled many miles

Seeing all the sights

From Jerusalem to Spain

But one quiet day

In the mountainous heights

He spotted a creature

That was larger than life

He went up to the creature

And asked it’s name

He said he didn’t have one

Billy replied the same

The creature was short

With greasy brown fur

Sat on hind legs and stammered

On every single word

Nervous and fidgeting

I’d scarcely call him tame

He was civilized

But he was still broke

The original sin

Of being human

He was contemplating life

He said he wanted to do great things

He disappointed himself

And his family and his friends

Billy said they’re asshole

Don’t let them make you think

That you are worth less

When they’re the ones who stink

But the Catholics have it wrong

As much as it ay appear

Everyone is equal

A human is a human my dear

Take comfort in the fact

That worth is really worthless

Until you give worth to it

That’s all there is to it

You are the master

Of your own game

Happiness is a choice

That’s how you’ll get your name


The creature looked into the sky

And pondered this for a while

He said »fuck off you self righteous arrogant asswipe»

And flew into the night

Billy followed his silhouette

As it flew into the sky

He shrugged his shoulders

And said »everyone has their own path to fly

I just told him my way

I wish he’d tell me his

I guess I’ll find someone else to talk to

To give and take and give»