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T. K. Oih



Was a quiet night out the midtown and I set of them sitting down and the sofas to go down to tell a story that class when bypassed the window and I was lying on the floor there was a wind blowing. I couldn’t believe my eyes there was his post by black queen and leaned back pooling by sat down on the ground at sat on the cop that I sat on the plant at the outset. I settled down to tell a story this is my eyes with the black queen and I looked up you you are my idol up you are my idol queue up by a rule deal up on the telephone I know I know I know you can call me anytime. I’m to I am the i’m the lookup Meister.

I’d use your business here I am and detective of private eye I’m looking for a case you make me laugh when of the insects I look you up on the diction Mary Alice. Looking for a cycle crafter you are my chrome and kissed my green my creams. I have strained screams men do not have arms or legs we ought to spear a man we are and who we are we on the originally of beings we are a god that I down the floor. Listened to radio costs go by this soft music classical music on the radio Gustav Mahler I do que lot on the radio. I’de two in the radio but there are no state since I cannot find a station site in Charlie’s and to I’m looking for a Russian station with Russian speeds.

Why are there no more awesome communists I want to be economists there are no communists in the CD I’m leaving theme and Tacoma spot the buffet mandates with a small I know not know how I want to join them I want to meet them Agassi and I want to let 90 want to belong .I don’t want to be a pot of the rule I don’t want an ideology I want to be myself when I want to be part of something what do I want to be a pot of IE what do II I want to be a pot of a group of people will write and a group of people were artists I want to be an artist’s I want to cooperate with artists I want to do something do something I enjoy I want to travel to wear out to live on blunt the code I want to go to keep that I can stop talking I can’t stop talking to myself again.

Idle copy line act was a scary sound that classes they are astounding be out on the street summer mysteries and someone is listening to me someone is watching wire am I am writing this and I might be OK if I’m not wearing something around by maker micron coach what IE I please II please correct to collect I want to correct please high school we I’d just want to make together with ago in a small apartment o’clock each in Millwood I want to call leaving the contents in the woods. I want to but I don’t want to hunt animals I love animals there was a taped missing today attacked with white and black and black and white and black pepper normalized surface of cat net was described in the paper they listen and if there was on the telephone pole and add about the cat me seeing an eight day of the toss divided.

The blast described the seminary friendly that at cat peaceful peaceful friend they can’t help me to help find it that I don’t think I can be holes II don’t allow want to be the Lynam I am not too I want to be an envelope like why want to be my shirt sat out on the balcony what good do with the balcony I want to grow opium poppies on the balcony IE one do I want to what the Lyle and he’ll be at one to I want to go to. I hope to blind a woman about this today.

She said she doesn’t become unacceptable and study at the university about what they’re seeing all but ceased very smart season psychologist I want to cluster I want what do I want I don’t know how I don’t know someone gave me something that balkanize someone gave me something today I know I know III know I know I want to throw KO the nest adding that actors I want to I want to I’m lying on the carpet I have my keyboard on the cob that I have my mouse on the carpet that everything on the carpet books to see these you name it them lying on the cop that I have a notes as I have one share how can anyone, where I have one share of their with basic I only have one share and I don’t think the bid is good enough.

Two people would break the quick break we can’t have sex on deep arms shall very well may please love me why doesn’t everyone laughed and why don’t they like me back the windows to open and someone here can someone here the window is open I’m lying until flour and someone he me help help pieces serious I’m in trouble what do I do now what do I do I don’t know what guide to how do I get someone to love me. I’ve tried to music training body doesn’t help that doesn’t help how do I do it, but I do it if to drive his dream I’ve tried to let the I can do to update the why I known I’d just like an eye to spike. I don’t know why can I just like that I love you are a lot of the aisle of a rule on the island of what do I want I don’t know why I wanted to know she clutched away or cash cost the wind on how I should close the window because I am now whispering and they can hear me 10:00 AM.

I’m Mitchell and if I wanted to hear me I’m in trouble of the police are looking for me to police the coming mean any moment I’m scared please help me I want something I don’t know that I want to read, I went I know of no that was going to buy something I know of no I want to grow plants I want to grow something that is the portion there’s someone in small amounts to Melinda one of its small room scared up scared please help me this is faster than typing this is just recorded my thoughts I helped me and helped me I don’t know what you like I don’t know I don’t know what do I just want someone to love me I just wanted to let me hampered the hats pretty pretty that’s pretty pretty creepy put the ads I just want her up, I’d just earned her hands I want to hold an added I want to go to the haven’t always needed stop all we need used to hold each other’s head island to hold your hand to help this is quite serious