red wormlike strokes on a pastel background

↑ Rat, R. Greener on the Other Side. 2014. Acrylics on canvas.

Nervous Horse Art Gallery, Umeå, Sweden.

If You’re Reading This, You’re Still Alive


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A wave in an Ocean is not a Partical


An Ocean is made out of particals, Waves in the Ocean is not partials.

And rocks are not waves.

Rocks are rocks.

So rock is an example of a pratical, an ocean wave is an example of an ocean wave. Rocks are rocks!

And now something is telling you, a rock is like an Ocean wave










KEndall Thortnon


If you can read thsi I’m sorry I never told you *I’m a horse. Do you stil have a boyfriend? Why did you dye your hair? I used to love you in an erotic way. I still respect you as a person. Can you read this? Why won’t you love me? I wish the cosmos had never been created.





Whait is it



What is it, i don’t know what it is

Please tell me what it, or ile wee a gees.

What is it that we know, or should folllow

I’m a magic sword, a talking sword.

What is it, a weapon, FORWARD ATTACK





Preferred Salary



How about $100 an hour???





Vile Hint

Seth Monroe


I’d rather not perform optimally when so many others are overzealous. It’s a waste of wasted energy. I’d rather not fuck with cat piss. It tastes horribly and has nothing but monetary pitfalls. More so, my breath tastes like a feline’s hangover. It’s my own fault for being so assertive.





I Speak to Mammals and They Don’t Care

S. L. Reeder


I understand the way you live

And I have so much love to give

It’s hard being a toad, for sure

But give me that life any day

Instead of the hardships of the nocturnal rodent life

I spoke to a mouse

A cat, a wombat

I have trained myself to hear their cries of pain

At being subjected to our brand of insane

And I give them words of comfort

But they don’t care








When a thirsty pregnant Nervous horse drank from a freshwater lake 47 million years ago, she was unaware that poisonous volcanic gases might lead to her sudden demise.





Flash Reading

Dean Cracknell


Flash reading is the future for everyday reading,

A brand new fusion of ‘scratch’ reading and intellectual books.

As we become more time-, health- and figure-conscious,

Reading that is more complex

And high in stimulation

Will be reserved for weekends,

Special occasions,



High-days and holidays.


For a fit, healthful life, I suggest that the ideal ratio

Of flash reading to non-flash reading should be 80/20.

For example,

Read flash Mondays to Fridays,

Then at the weekend

Enjoy whatever you fancy.


…found poem, adapted from “Flash Cooking” by Laura Santtini





A Brief Summary of Time as a Series of Actualized Expressions

Vom Patti


Something was said, and when something was said, something happened. But before anything was said, something was going to be said, and only when what was going to be said was said, the something that happened, happened. When it had happened, it was said to have happened. When it was said that it had happened and that it had happened when the something that had been said had been said, something happened: something was said, and when something was said, something happened.


(See John 1:1--.)








Aples Breastfed Citrus Dingoes Eals Fermented Gringos Hickupp Iglo Jimmy


Ketchup Limousine Mane Nitrogene Opel Pink Quaker Reset Stainless Tea


Ultra Violet Wonka Xylophon Yanks Zaphire


Æææææ Øøøøøø Åååååååå





A Colour Blind Person at the Traffic Lights of Love

R. C.


Farewell, fair maiden,

the light is green!

Why is it always red for me?





Origin of Lemons, The



Lemons grow in trees

and the trees grow in the ground.

Where does the ground grow?








Yelling i am yelling, screaming and shouting

Like a mad dog pulling teath out of. deep pits.

Skulls rotten in the yard, pickled eggs rotten stink

all is so loud, decebels over charged,

membrains ripping, tinnitus bipping, tortorus noise.

Loud yell screaming chilli sauce.

Chocolatte lindering, the aching wounds of sorrow and grief, of messy smeard grease, melted chocolatte heals all yelling pains, dip your tongue in soft, mesmerizing, hallusinating chocolatte of lindering effect

Melt like caramel and drip it in vanilla

melt yell melt into a concuassion of yummie loud candy.





What Happens Next

U. N. Ture


Dementia. I am going nuts to figure out what happens next week. Anyone who finds themselves unable to make car loan payments will know what I mean. People might be thinking about chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, but most seem to be ignoring the two most obvious questions: what organs can be transplanted and and what are the risks? When I was told the world was gonna end on December 21, 2012 I thought the person who told me was a lunatic. I met with an investor, the perfect woman, the female companion I never had. This time the pincers and scalpels of the previous rounds were discarded for something much bigger. Someone has to deal with the blood and any other biohazards left at the scene. Whether or not there is any truth to the ship sinking, you can bet everyone mentioned above is busy standing firm against threatening race, sexual orientation, culture, nationality . . . Anyone could add anything onto the end and it would make sense. Ice cream sandwich.





Sometimes Slavery Works

Georges Cunningham


The sunshine trickles into a window

My eyes burn furiously

A sparrow makes a morning cup of tea

The flowers bend in the breeze.





Viva the Livid

Anthony De


burning Buddhas

hire photographers;


atheists bleat

that they hate sheep;


God’s got your goat

as Devil puts on the kettle;


Vishnu did not inhale

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar;


while I feel just great

with Kali’s boot in my face.





A Silent Scream into the Endless Night

from the Studdering Mouth of a Logical Mystic

A. R. Arje


Dating readable spectrum nights we watched picture nights maybe watched dreams. That eyewitness what if eyewitness. Forever are fact as long as those is separate retain from possible truths. No its need be enduring as long as even for a moment were still, to melted entrust faring attain a hold. How arduous cave waive whence ever, only not very butter shall own. Is to separate undignified from valuable, is visible vital outside. That can, that dare watch? From several guides constituent the most mindless ones. Merely those satan know. I tried to compress awe together word. For a moment I didn't butter parry, prize at off course. Bed avalanche upon like millstone at springtime. Moss blanket grill. Ear falter response bulb vernacular breathing heart stony below. Am tired battling. Protected stone no axe erect, not fit from mouth magnitude utterance. Truth's turret no trim. Alone can't manage puff. Beaver outlet swiftly flow wigs domesticated independent stream. Magnitude masts squirrel watch. Rifle twig merely. Tonight we burn municipal ascended to a mountain sight leach bass and flame extinguish we build homeland to a clean substratum. Wouldn't we nevertheless cry extremely liberty ahead? Bathroom ceiling falls bury cockroach below. My bucket is aperture berries to drip. Mountain dwarves' palace stinks strong sweat prince's throne blanket dripping the most beautiful gem tend rude embody. Hence lit quest flare? Compare chill kernel. Chill kernel, shabby arbitrator. Roam on the street exclusive plastic bag shopping in hand. What moment may thoughtful. What really I thought can't consider. I thought mend lolly to a game machine. I thought poem while looking salesman eyes can't consider plastic bag then. Hence is to go surreptitiously. Every reply is query. Tooth rock and retain to be man. War is unseemly loud beyond magistrate over.





Science Friction

Dick Philips


The most severe of all probers

live in my frivolous skull

building potential structures

over unknown landscapes


Consumption is nigh

vessels empty still

I take currents over iron

endurance over permanence


Dragged around in perfect style

I hope to be xeroxed for life





Paying Rent For Dread

Seth Monroe


This drink’s for our friends

The ones who’ve never given up

Reaching for a refill

On a half-full empty cup

This is nothing new

But it’s tried and it’s true

This song is for us

Because we’ve more than paid our dues