The Equine Eye

Dogon von Sirius



Thank you September, for August scared me

with her prolonged abominations

what in the old days was harvest

golden ribbon around all creation including our necks

and now I’m not a real person but I play one on television

and now I’m eleven and what is this?


Long story short,

they smoke ice and talk religion

confusing thought with demonic agenda

(prepare for a difficult chat)

they meditate on random bones

you butchers of spirit,

have you all chosen to be wicked?


You are truly the least of all infinities.


You are the sun

and it’s not like you’re short on divine mothers.


Confidence earthlings!

insanity is your greatest strength

not everyone was born a genius but everyone knows a thing or two about

a thing or two.


We done thinking for now.


Let any pretty woman’s hands be our favourite botanist

but we are drunk now

and stumbling is the only solution.