Monice in Exoworld

Piotr Feru Inns




This text falls under strict Copyleft, and can under no circumstances be paid for by anything but power of soul, karma, perseverance or determinalistic coincidence. Either nothing or everything presented within or without this document is a parody.







In a place with any amount of dimensions, a place having a shape that can not quite be described from within the realm of known language, there was Monice. It(Monice) split up into itself and subject ’*’(for its affection with photons and similar) down one nameless dimension, upon which * created Monice a time later, in the setting we are observing.

* and Monice can only be described as two entities that attracted eachother immensely. They laid, in touch with eachother, on a surface with many steep cliffs, but they had nothing to fear. On a black surface and underneath a black sky they stood out as entities of whiteness; loubyercaennots of sielhaishfeenzshk, to express their exceptional contrast.







On one time, Monice set out to move about, like a nomad, free from the gravitational pull of * and other loubyercaennot-shaped entities(that admired Monice like a master or a celebrity) of her modal residence. Its orbit increased, and it could not be stopped by entities residing further away. And so it flew. It wasn’t far enough; the light of * remained the only light it could absorb.

Never had Monice plotted out by what time it would be able to find ’new’ light. As the surface and the sky were inexplicably dark, it might well have to wait for new light to emerge within the dimensions. Would it even emerge just for Monice?

Moving straight into the direction of time, the light of * diminished exponentionally...

Monice approaching eternity







Caught in the orbit that was time, Monice did what you would do, it panicked, it desperately seeked to resist the stream it could have so easily avoided. As Monice went on in a single direction, it encountered nothing, and nothing harmed its composition. That is, excluding a fungus from a dimension above its proportions spoiling Monice’s consciousness with the fact that * and the surface were becoming longer ago.

As this fungus expanded throughout Monice’s electric flows, time started to turn into a tube, of the firmest material and the greatest length, a vision that would drive anything to desperation. Luckily, after an eternity of immobility and thoughtlessness, time showed itself permeable and Monice felt a glimpse of black surface gravity.







Had we observed the situation where Monice had split into itself and *, we would have certainly seen Monice turn back to her last residence, but unfortunately the future turned out too strong in the current situation. With new electrical connections but a perception of only a few dimensions, Monice will remain alone in an invisible tube as long as time will last.

To be continued in another dimension.