↑ Moonshine, Raker. A Book of Gates That Wakes into Dreams. 2016. Light on retinae.

Nervous Horse Art Gallery, Visionary Art Division, Uranus.

Life Is Like a Nervous Horse: Unpredict


The world is in turmoil. The future is uncertain. In these trying times we can be thankful of periodical publications reminding us that there are some cornerstones of culture that will not falter. No matter how violently governments and corporations will attempt to drain your life force, you can still build a tiny house in the middle of the wilderness, catch fish, pick berries and grow your own vegetables. By establishing a tightly wound commune of like-minded people such tasks and their products will be effortless to divide among the group by the generous principle: »from each according to his ability, to each according to his need».

Nervous Horse has never been a political magazine. Our contributors range from anarchists to fascists and from presidents to bums. We neither embrace nor condemn any ideology, for ideologies mean nothing when overpopulation and overconsumption suffocate us to extinction, which will hopefully happen soon. It is unfortunate that our high skills in weapons and tools allow us suck the nature around us dry while sustaining our own pathetic excuse of a species even in the most unlivable of circumstances. Nothing seems to diminish us. Wars are no good. Epidemics are no good. Disasters natural or unnatural are no good. It would take a sudden mass destruction of a global scale to make a lasting difference — and again, most options would harm the rest of the nature infinitely more than they would harm us. If any of our avid readers happen to have any suggestions of a purely speculative kind, we will gladly publish them in future issues.

This issue of Nervous Horse, like the human world, is packed full of content of varying quality. We kindly recommend the reader to print out her favourites for archival purposes before we run out of electricity. Official physical releases keep getting suggested from time to time, but alas! the issues of our humble magazine are so substantial that, even if printed in black and white and stapled by hand, the mere weight would make buying one and having it shipped to one’s residence an unattainable dream for much of the key audience. Instead we recommend the authors to print out their own pieces, or perhaps type them out on a typewriter, and collect them into little booklets. These would be light enough to carry around in ample quantities on a night out and peddle to unassuming strangers — and they will make fine collector’s items when the author is dead.







The Universe Doesn’t Use Sunscreen

Kelvin Noons


Death is like a bagel

It comes covered in crumbs

And tastes better with

Butter than hydrogen peroxide





Plebian Gut Chuffer

Seth Monroe


They’ll be home by fits of fuel and control.

Uphill weights can hurt a virtue that wrongful youth will finish.

Oblivious to the show but it’s really slow since videos recharged.

Barge through some snippets of to-do lists to become cysts.

ba dum tiss





Twenty-five words






Five what?


Just five.

Just five?



Not six?


Just five.


Five only.

Only five?



So five.

Yes five.






Embarrassing Happiness

Greg Murphy


The drip lifted,

sarcophagus consciousness,

tattooed to your memory.


Nothing you hold is safe,

your joy a wet dream.





More Bitter and Tired

H.C. Cool


There is nothing wrong with loving yourself

Your voice needs to be heard, if others don’t talk, their voices must not need to be heard

You should be proud that others are hearing you, after all they don’t hear eachother

Let’s come up with another drinking game

Those who cannot keep up will just laugh as you win

Because you have been training

But you worked hard for the local franchise liquor store

So you earned the free time you could spend practicing

During your job, because not many people come in there


I’m a failure, and a cliché at that

But I certainly enjoy myself

Underneath the high mountain, there is a climate where you don’t freeze to death

I’m just a bit upset, don’t worry, I won’t be talking about it

Why I’m leaving? I fail to tell you





Human Feces

Georges Cunningham


I don’t make love

To stop the earthquakes

In Taiwan.


I don’t chew loudly

To encourage ugly youths

To ferhoodle.


I don’t fire guns

To raise the dead

Above Israel.





Incubation and the stated Nothing

Holly Cairn-Lint


various radio broadcast emerge elements

there after beheadings

of war of protect became solar year state

is awful.


Chaos produced with World is clearly some first effort.


killings elsewhere thence than constant proclaimed hopeful:

the time of gay nations and things

much Paracelsus intellect arranged to legend

particularly the throbbing atoms

glowing fixed to language

instrumental partners in torture.


primitive perpetrators dead to the solar

just masked of portion to that of another body,

the DECLASSIFIED waves bring vacuum.


for years this

and expanding


faithfully communicating effectiveness

bringing crooked limbs together

the Department reflect Occult blood in microcosm —





she said she was a diplomat.





The Dance of Ignorance

Icarium Aginor Duck


In the eternal dance of ignorance

The total avoidance of sence

The lack of thought an act of incompetence

The violation of trust,

The lies that flies like dust

That taste like horrible musks

Making us believe that it’s all right

What they are doing , they do for the fair fight.

With the lies they sow, incompotence grow.


Among equals they appeal

But behind doors they reel

Like scared rabbits they squeal

With no remorse they feel.

Laws are broke, trust off-spoken

Luxury they evoked, canapés they choked.

On their own pitiful schemes, the money that steams.


The line has been broken,

Broken broken broken broken

the trust is choken

choken choken choken choken

Never will it ever be again awoken

Woken woken woken woken





Building Headquarters on Political Prisons

Mr. Alp Oddnut


democracy always fails

humanism always fails

peace always fails.


dollars make wonderful negotiators

but destroying our enemies is the foundation or our power.


we are proud, rational people

we deserve talented administration.


we will be bombing the world again for national respect

and speaking of business,

currency actually exists and we will make trillions of it.




when has the establishment ever done anything?

we stand behind obligations and policy impatient and confused.


to compete with the media you need an informed audience

and let me tell you something folks

if you love television you are going to love the race war.




we want cheerleaders, not rapists

we want security, not liabilities

we want our jobs back

we want our airports back

we want our absolute nation back.







Bargain Bin Tidbits

Seth Monroe


Too exhausted for pleasantries, inevitably invading a temporary residency. Temporal shifts in floral patterns organize corporeal spasms. Editorial orgasms are sure to flourish for the malnourished at 4:20 in the morning. I admit that getting off the pot is sure as shit going to be boring. Nothing’s better than performing for the dreaming dead while they’re snoring.






Greg Murphy


The midday sun eliminates the dark of night.

It can happen either way:

Night dreams of day,

light dreams of darkness.

The sun an ignorant mass,

releasing energy to track down the darkness and set ablaze every shadow, eventually burning up all of itself.





That’s Why The Universe Has Cancer

Kelvin Noons


Life is like a toaster

Full of springs and heat

Sitting on countertops waiting

For forks to be inserted.