Nate Powell



Waiting, upon stoops of antiquities, haphazardly scratching calligraphy into scenery, stairs become thrones, whilst kings go unknown, tombs become overgrown, weeds have overtaken sun from seeds hand sewn, shown the path but strayed, should have stayed in shallows, instead sword fighting hollows, a losing battle rattles cages, birthright contained in these pages, as mages and swordsman war eternally for minimum wage, in this age of globalization, broken down nation, breaking down nations, plural, hurl, cement further into landscapes rural, no murals in prison cell hell, dwell for lifetimes on the same perplexing, convoluted strain of stress, make most out of time until next arrest, can't invest in a dwindling cause, pause before passing dialogue, life as arteries clog, lungs filled with smog, maybe jog memory of a time when fleeting wasn't floating through thought process, digest the poison, without a single word for them, cleared phlegm, chuckled and smirked as body twists, jerks and contorts, reports back to work Monday morning, yawning, trying to forget pawning the lawn furniture from under the awning, flaunting poor social status, acrobatics thrust, skyward then toward harsh earth concussed, wipe off dust, lush surroundings foundling found reasons for slings, in a lifetime treason to sing, fling courteous stings