Mass Distractions

Simon Kielczewski



We have been indoctrinated.

Taught to look away,

Spoon fed what we’ll think

then told what we will say.

“Let’s be friends, for we’re the same

-if you aren’t with us

then you are to blame.”

With one foot in the gutter

and a second in the grave.

Life’s a one trick pony

with two broken legs....


Society’s it’s own addiction

now that

feelings matter more than facts.

No junkie wakes up the next day

and has leftover crack....

So painful when all all the good times

are reduced to memories....

the corruption is in our food and water

even in the air we breathe....


Indoctrinated?....when did it begin?

Stick and stones

May have built our homes

But fire will always burn them.


What’s that you say?

“These fuckers seem above the law?”

-Aside from weapons I can’t touch them at all?

....violence seems to be about the only way

that anybody makes any difference these days....


Keep your hands and feet

inside this ride

-Not A Written Rule-

....but it’s strongly implied.

Best drink this kool-aid

(it helps wash the mind)

Don’t look too deep

the truth is painful to find

You see - this black pill wins everytime....


So take your turn and get in line

Slave to the machine/Cog on the grind

Or you can swallow the pill/lose your soul

Once you taste this truth you can’t unknow....


....It takes a real fucked-up world to keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory....