Slumbering Giants

Simon Kielczewski



Years later the brave words give no comfort,

and the bloody knuckles remember only pain.

Love is a forgotten thought in a sealed tomb,

with no redemption coming soon,

—is this the highway to victory ?

—Is it too much to ask a bit of mercy ?

....for i’m not the stud i use to be....


Look what they did to you,

You can’t do the things that you use to do.

Next they want to do it to me too.

With mouth sewn shut

No words without a cut.

—Yet they were all wrong

and now those words are empty and gone.


Short memories disguised as clear conscience is the special of the day.

Don’t let morals get in your way

while the lemmings run their preset courses.

Why do what is right when you can point fingers and sit on high horses ?


The light inside is broken

But the power is still going

They say that anger fades with time

but the rage is still flowing.

»A little bandaid will help,

and society will be none the wiser»

Regrets are like a fountain

and I need to stop this geyser.


Some things you can’t unsee

Some things you can’t unknow

Some actions you can’t undo

Some thoughts you can’t outgrow