Molten laxating tendents




My melting laxating tendents, smoothly silks is bathing my face in flower pettals, water lillyes. Breaking breathtaking making my eyes, tear open in gulls of sea, breaking of into large collums, sparkly wine, of champagne, in the deep of the ocean, sipping wine, befeddling naked feets of honey coted tulips, lips kissing, sloly dancing to the acoustic guitar, sipping the sweetest nektar; from an apple tree in the garden, lying besudled in a bed of clean bed sheet. Breaking up the callamety freeing onself from the chains of purpose and responsibility, playing the romantic flutes, to the love nesting swallows, twiddeling with flowers in the beaks. Droning breaking free the badger is floating on its back, on flower feelds, and feeling the freedom of springs hand rippling water, otters and badgers in romantic forplay.

Flying up in ones fantasy, dozing of, out in the wilderness, the smell of bark. We go to bed and and sleep the eternal sleep, never more awaken, eternal silence, yet, life stil chruns on, like a pulsing ember, breaking free of destinyes chains, breaking free of lines of purpose, DRONES out the eternal floating energy of mysery, be grasped by its laxating numbing feels, SWIM IN TAR. LET IT LARK YOUR FACE, drones drones in to hell, the final hour is over us Surtur is waking up to DESTROY US, MELT US, TYPHON WILL TEAR US ASSUNERM EVERY MYTH HAS AWAKEN TO FINNSIH US OFF- the final hour is here, and we be all doomed, and we will sink into forgettfullnessnes, never to again be seen, WE ARE DOOMED, TAKEN BY THE DRONING SOUNDS, temptation and gread, will be our ragarock, or sock

Goodbye merry men Old Neb has tost hes anchor, goodby all goodbye.