Let Us Be the Last Generation

L. T. P.



We know history because we have seen the future.

We relate passionately to the experimental areas of literature.

We pursue the aim of religion by the method of science.

We have no use for smoke detectors.


We turn off ninety-five percent of needlessly lit street lights.


We denounce fatherlands, families, and all other arbitrary communities.

We choose our way by the roll of the dice.


We are weak and unarmed.

We do not wish to pollute the outer space.

We write prophecies for the drawer.

We take care that our electric bills are paid in time.


We do not take responsibility for shipments lost or damaged by the postal service.


We are incapable of regular daily work.

We avoid any and all kinds of communal gatherings.


We are of sulphur and mercury.

We form a universal global fellowship.


We cannot know the depth of sorrow until we have personally experienced it.