I Too Should Have Asked My Dentist to Urinate in My Mouth

J. K. Giih



As many of the proponents of Ayurvedic medicine are likely to lament on a daily basis it is unfortunate that not many of the many unfortunate to be subjected to western dentistry are aware that practically all dental problems imaginable could easily be done away with by holding one’s urine in one’s mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes every morning before swallowing it, and it is indeed ironic that even I who happen to have both a broken molar and a urine fetish did not know of this miraculous cure until after I had already visited a young and attractive dentist whom I could easily have asked to urinate in my mouth for both professional and erotic reasons. She must get asked that all the time by patients with advanced to very advanced tooth decay. One can but wonder how many hours a day, if one were to sum up the time, she exposes her delicate vagina to the close proximity of rotten and potentially infectious teeth. Such a sacrifice from a practitioner of western medicine is nothing short of most venerable.