an abstract, vaguely heart-shaped pattern in pink and red

↑ Patti, Vom. A Nervous Heart. 2013. Crayon on screen. Nervous Horse Art Gallery, Turku, Finalnd.


(or: words from the editor)


When we first began preparing for the publication of this magazine on January 17th 1857, we had no idea it would take nearly seven months to compile all the material we had into a gracefully harmonious whole. As opposed to all expectations we ended up with such a stylistically and substantially diverse selection of items that instead of simply applying a rigorous logical principle to put it all together we had to resort to our intuition in determining the sequence of firstly the short pieces below and secondly the somewhat more extensive works which, as made possible by the non-linear structure of the internet, have been placed on their own separate pages like beautiful landscapes opening at the ends of forking paths.

Since there are numerous texts in this magazine, many more than we originally assumed there would be, we are inclined to advise against reading them in the order they are here presented in — for there are some particularly good things near the end, and it would be a terrible shame if the reader got bored or distracted before encountering them. Therefore it might be preferable to go through the whole thing as you would go through a newspaper: start from the very last page like your father always used to do, skip past the television programmes and the sports, end up in whichever section is likely to come next (we haven’t personally sampled a large enough variety of papers to take an educated guess) and then suddenly begin to wonder if it would have been more logical after all to read the first page first — start again, this time beginning from the first page, skip the editorials and the local news, but then very soon change your mind, flip the paper over, start from the back again, and then from the front again, ad infinitum, never reaching the middle.

For a certain reason, which for some readers will undoubtedly be apparent, we would now like to promptly wrap up this introduction by concluding it with the opening lines of the poem »just some ducks trying to eat a bun underwater» written by our dear friend Vom Patti, who wishes to remain anonymous in the year 2009:


Edgar Allan Poe

was a man who sometimes wore a black coat

and sometimes

when I extend one of my fingers

just a little bit

I can touch some of the particles

outside my skin.


it is called correspondence.








Another Timeless Retort or Miesmann


I was hungry today. At least, I thought I was. When the time came to lunch, I had bought a hot dog and an ice cream sandwich. This particular ice cream sandwich used chocolate chip cookies to keep the ice cream from falling out onto its consumer in a gooey and sticky mess. I sit around for two or maybe three minutes before I decide that I will attempt to eat this hot dog which I bought for the sole purpose of consumption.

I unwrap the wrapping and gaze at the meaty monolith for the better part of a minute. The bun is still warm and mildly squishy; tempting indeed. Despite this, I threw away the hot dog without taking a single bite. I then decide to eat the ice cream sandwich, but as I unwrap the noisy plastic packaging, I discover that the ice cream has melted and the cookies are broken.

I guess I wasn’t hungry.





high coup

S.H. Monroe


now i declare war

infidels shall be trampled

i smoke solid fire





pentameter though...

ted lee


punch me up with smack so i can fill in the holes

sleight of hand can stack the cattiest of poles

polar bears shall sit and stare, polarized by solar flares

holy rollers grinding molars tighter than the family golers

stomping on the soft spots that flip your babies from their strollers





something you don’t know is here and alive

A.S Ecre Tadmirer


flurry smoke shimmer shine

dark swamp murky deep

caught between parallels

the toast is burnt and i’m not sure why the toaster’s not working





i like a good spank

Oops wrong box


spank spank spank i liek a good spank k i wanna spank k from the gril with teh pertty hands k omg i’m scraed of the gril in the grocery stoer and i only wanna horse radish k

omg omg omg k would you believe me if i told you i liek men q.m.

i want to get spanked by a man k hard k mmmm spank spank spank





not this time



I found some of your hairpins

they’re mine now, sorry, but that’s just the way it is around here

if you don’t like it, then try to learn your lesson next time

I already had to return your books

and your records

and I’ve done it enough now

so I’m sorry

but I’m losing my goddamn mind

and it’s not proper to impose like this on so many occasions

so this is just how it’ll have to be from now on;

I simply haven’t the time to be returning lost goods.


if you need them

I’ll be there







for your consideration

seth h. monroe


The patience of a spoiled child sits on my face like an intoxicated slut

My bleats are muffled by vicelike thighs as my tongue frantically scrambles, scratches at the well walls

A drop in the bucket descends from a scowling brow

A piece of ass equal parts class and crass

Brighter options and pastures so green that even envy would be jealous

Fire breathing swine shall set serenity ablaze

My essence is caressed by weathered extremities

Record and observe the documentation being witnessed, field tested, redesigned, redefined and kind enough to rewind

I’m running in circles and there’s no way around it

Panting breaths are drawn from my tasteless mouth

I’ve never wanted a cigarette quite like this before...





there is a curious bead here and i’m unsure what to do with it

A Secret Admirer


there is an effect of entropy

aroused in me

the detritus of the everyday

collapses upon the Other

there is no Other

only sameness(ity?\?)


and though i may caress the fur that binds me

to the waking-eye-life

the white gaping cynic

the withholder, always withholding

within and without happy smiles

please love me

this isn’t really happening


there is alfred prufrock, a man about town

well accustomed to the dregs of male loneliness

why don’t girls see me for who i’m really not?





Waiting for a guide



let’s settle it

turncoat, writhing, begging, empty, coward

this is forever






Tanner Boyle


Roses are not the reason I’ve come to hate the color red, violet is a color that’s dangerous to consume. The ghost of caliphates to come previously peppered up some delectably discernible deserters and fed them to us drowned in a marinade made up of the sad-eyed tadpoles who will never learn to hop or croak.

Perverted beyond any rhyme or reason, beyond all of my masculinity, beyond the seasons...

»Renaldo,» she began. »Never speak to me again in that childish voice. Your charms will only work on holistic heroines and heroin addicts and I am neither of those.»





haiku d’etat

M. Kay


i used to speak french

i’m not allowed anymore

i choose not to vote






ted lee


anti-natalist, narco-terrorist

on the necronomicon, i’m sweaing this





My Ayes Are Twtiching

by U. N. Ture


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(inspired by the late,great george carlin)

seth h. monroe


i have spent at least eight days

trying to excrete a cliche phrase

it serves me no purpose

it is utterly worthless

on the fly, off the wall

on the drugs, off the meds,

on the air, off the rails

on point, off key

on lock. off duty

on the right track, off the cuff

on to something, off to the races

on the winning team, off centre

online, off sides, on time





Hamlet: the mild cigar

I dream of Pliny (both younger and elder)

Jüris H. Smirnoff


Perchance to dream

like Coleridge and Shakespeare

but alas, no.


A nightmarish realisation dawns

I am a character

an imagination

(maybe) a deus ex machina

for others but not me.


A plot device. A machination of reality.

An Orwellian or Kafkaesque

existential intimidation

of desolation and desperation.

Down and Out in Prague and London.


Uncreative urges of an ultimate

Josef K like Metamorphosis

into Gregor Samsa.


I feel as if I’m on Trial

by nefarious kin.

Being judged ill-equipped

and lacking the fibre to fight.

No Pleasure Dome.


A sorrowful young Werther

walked into me.


Das Kapital?


Mein Kampf

sometimes, most times, often times

mostly never

is to shuffle off this mortal coil.








I am the octahedron where the dawn hides at night.

The ocean climbs into my room

and furnishes my despair

with empty shells

and dead fish

and stuff like that.


I am the carpenter you never met.





Haikus are boring!



Haikus are very boring

I’ve resorted to snoring

It is now morning


Written on this very day, the 16th of the month of October,

in the year two thousand and one, Anno Domini

at 04:16 in the early hours of this new day, Tuesday.





pagE loaD erroR

ms. r. rat


I threw away my old shoes;

There are no absolutes anymore.

Suddenly some-

one said:



great ocean, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

hello, kitchen









hell — o.