human trafficking non-stop

by seth h. monroe



I am revoked light and happy with the darkness

Rhythmic beatings reveal hidden traps not unlike the way a death drum ensnares the most capable foes

The enemies of light enjoy dining amongst the shrouded day shift slaves, each one alike aware of their places and wrought with tension

Certain burning rays can cleanse the filthiest trinkets

Descriptions with no end

Words stream like broadband urine to those with abdomens of yellow, causing them to forfeit

Victory to the strongest link in a chain of amateurs

This arrogance never smelled so good and why should it?


I am the sand enveloping the heads of a thousand ostriches

If I die before I wake may new disorders bear my namesake

May sickness be synonymous with my surname

I cast a plague with every morning time erection

I am hardest when I wake and my mantra is: fuck my life

I transcend the rotten soil in which the seeds of my clarity have been sewn

Never allowing growth to stunt stasis as I meander

I’d be in stitches if I weren’t fucking wrapped up in foiled plans


The greenest grasses can burn blacker than a clerical error


Isolate the solitary inmate and you’ll discover vast social networks


I need no coddling and for the fist time, understand a joke


Misplaced cadence will be discovered by cretins

Cretins raised by invalids

Invalids nurtured by iconoclasts

Iconoclasts influenced by old fogeys


Curmudgeons intent on breeding malcontents for generations to come

lineage drunk on brilliance and shiny afterthoughts

Prowess falls to the trenches as cautious breaths are drawn

Rotten feet trample to a horrific metronome that stutters


My brain is a click track and every take has been scrapped

Gutter prayers will resonate like sour notes from a downtrodden piano