A day when things happened

Farnsworth Wittington III, Esq.



I never was any good with girls. How to approach them, talk to them, woo them, all of it. But I’m tired of being alone so I’m gunna force myself to do it. I see a cute Indian girl walking towards me. She’s wearing jean shorts and a greay tank top. Thin, nice body, gentle face, well sized/proportioned ass and tits. Really the proportion is what matters most, some guys don’t get this. Like...Nicki Minaj for example. I’d say she’s pretty attractive, (somewhere under the fucking ridiculous make up and fake, everything) but that ass is like, well god damn where did it come from? It’s out of whack with her body, but I digress.



Yeah, so that girl is still walking my way. I’ve always had a thing for Indian girls because of the naturally olive skin and straight black hair, which I’ve always liked for some reason, of course assuming they have the good bod stated above (that’s the foundation) so I should probably say something. But what? Got it, I’ll stand up casually and pretend to be distracted by my phone, so I can "happen" to catch her walking by and ask something. Brilliant! There is no way this wont work, just be confident.



»Oh, sorry»

Say something dumbass

»Hey, this is my first semester here, where is MacMillan Hall?»

Wow, there is no way that place exists, why did I make that up? Maybe god will shine down on me and by pure luck it’s a real building.

»Uh, there’s no MacMillan Hall that I know of. Sorry.»

»Oh wow, I really messed something up then.»

»It’s OK, what class are you looking for exactly?»

Holy shit the conversation has continued, this is where I blow it normally. Gotta make sure I advance it this time, but not too hard.

»It’s a stats class»

»Well, that can be anywhere, I’d just check the campus map if you have time. It’s on the main site»

»Yeah I should’ve just done that to start! Thanks»

Before she walks away man

»Hey, I dont know if you like Chipotle but I’m heading there for dinner, if you wanna join»

Heart racing, brain shutting down, blood flowing to feet, hope I dont look a fool on the outside.


She looked down and smirked and giggle, oh god is that good or bad?

»Yeah, that’d be cool. Sure»


Holy fuck, the weight of a million suns has been ejected from my body.



We talked about this and that, blah blah bullshit. I was going for my masters, which was a lie. Hell I dont even go to this school, or at all, I’m just here to kill time.

All the good general life stuff. We had our chipotle.



Alright, not bad...but this is the red zone, run in for the touchdown. Hope my legs still work, I’m so used to just giving myself up at the line...

»It was nice meeting you»

Guess no harm in just saying it

»You wanna hang out at my place?»

»Yeah, alright sure.»


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck this is not really happening is it?



During the walk there I talked about moving in recently, my first real place, how it’s nice and close so I can walk to all the bars, and the epic parties we’ve thrown. Of course I walk to the bars to chill out alone, and there never any parties thrown.

»Are you roommates home?»

She asked as I unlocked the door.

»I dont know, but should be fine.»

Oh please dont be here, damn it they’re here. OK just nod and walk right by em to your room with her. Dont think about em.



The door closed and things got hot and heavy fast.



This is awesome, it actually is happening.



Naked, she throws herself down on the bed, rubbing my chest.

»what do you want to do to me?»

»mm I wanna fuck your brains out»

»sounds good baby»

So I grabbed a power drill, good thing I had to recently assemble my desk, and started aiming for her head.

»What the fuck!?» she screamed and started pushing away violently.


She said OK to it, eh maybe just playing hard to get. Yeah that’s it, I know girls often like to play games and shit like that.



So I got on top of her and plunged the drill into her skull. In a fit of excitement I threw it aside and stuck my dick in the hole and oh, that brain felt so nice.

She seemed to die on me a few times during, but I managed to snap her out of it. I think, this was all so new and fun I really had no awareness of what was going on. Poor neighbors, a racket like this must’ve sounded pretty interesting, and I bet the whole building could hear!



I’m writing this from jail by the way. I was right, it made quite a racket indeed, and apparently someone called the cops on me. Dead girl, her brains literally fucked out. When I came out of my hermone fueled stupor, I saw just how grizzly the scene was.



Well... I said I never was any good with girls.