Demon Child

Maximillian Défilé



How could you get the gall to cheat me so? Not bow to my routines?

As quickly as it went and the time at which it did

Merciless, no? Unsensible, disturbed, temporarily completely trashed

And then submitted foreignly in opposition to good old me

Your mask got ripped off by the toxic spikes on his tongue

My eyes got poked out by melancholic glitches

I could break and smash glass mentally

Having been sneaked and robbed for my holyness again

A clean getaway from the slackjob half-corpse

Currently scratching at your mind-frames

You woke me only with your screams, which only I could hear

Sent my sensitive circuits leftward off-field

My smiles were never so dour and gruesome, one of us must be exorcised

Or banished?

The morbidest moss grows on the thickest veins

This existential tragedy is due to be leeched of, or is already

Would you mind if I fractured your face, so to speak?

Your nose was stuck, his hands were glued like a metaphor

I could read it well enough, it is like I have been toxically licked

Demon child, I bet you’re not even sick!