White Notepad #2

Tanner Boyle



»don’t let yourself fade away,

my boy, not like this»


when we’re apart everything crumbles

when we’re together we both feel so beautiful

at least

that’s what i tell myself


i’m detached in the best way possible

forget our sadness ever existed

follow dreams forget pasts


coffee & beethoven

firm belief in detachment

closed doors are fine



voluntary optimism sprouts from my pores gracefully


are you afraid of


why doncha kiss her

instead of talking her to death?


a man without qualities

is a man without hope

is a man without ambitions

is a man without humanity

is a man without


i need you to tell me

to stop watching depressing films



i don’t want to be a poet

i’ll never be able

to feed a family


her name is

her name is



i may never be rimbaud

but i’ll recite him

and bukowski

to you forever