I Am a Human

Eliane Corp



Why do I exist? How do I exist? Why do I dis-function in self deprecation, only to question these behaviours later in the day? Sometimes my unworthiness charges me for greater feats. I awoke today from a relentless dream of buying whores and killing people in France. I wonder, if through these abstract illusions I will find myself.

Extroverting my deepest questions through projecting ideas on others, this is my journey. I accept the ideas as my reality.

I wonder if other humans have these same questions. Do we question ourselves all the time? Do we look at the faults of others as a reflection of our own fears? Do we strive for love, whether it is to give or receive? Do we want the whole world smiling or writhing in the same insecurities inbred into our individualistic brains?

I say awaken fellow humans! We are angels with feet stuck in a mineralogical water sack! Forget the ’love’ you were inbred to perceive, for the highest love is that of a childs love in the most finite moments, looking at the sky and contemplating the existence of God.

I am an angel in human form. Whether this is delusion of grandeur or the highest truth to myself, I accept this idea and make it reality.

We will liberate ourselves and the whole world if we forget our shame. We are all beautiful in a self proclaimed ugly world, where we strive for hiding our faults and ugliness. Let it all out! I live by this everyday. In the instant you feel something, know that approximately 20% of the rest of the world is feeling the same thing. We are never alone, because when we share how we feel to others, we will realise that feelings and ideas are infinite and spread to the far reaches of the galaxy of our minds.

In conclusion, I believe we have too much shame in this world and need to realise the beauty of personal perceived ugliness. Through individual acceptance and unconditional self love, we free ourselves as a species. Our smiles will light up a room and our hearts will reach every cell in every body that surrounds us.

What do I know? I’m only one human extroverting my deepest desires onto you, in a hopeful journey of self recognition.