Weaponized Correctness in a Polite Society

Simon Kielczewski



I never thought to stomp

on those beneath the status quo.

What reality might have been ?

—I guess we’ll never know—

Stomp, stomp, stomp,

here we go, go, go.


When all my friends are enemies,

and all my allies ; birds of prey.

—oh yes, these friendly vultures

: they are real/but they don’t want to steal

—they want to nest, assimilate and stay.


I am not a brilliant man,

but I know shit when it hits the fan,

and I know a long con when i’m in one.

I’m not a normal man,

yet I can smell a bad plan

and recognize a ruse when i see one.


38 years i’ve been told everything’s alright.

Just between you and me

I can’t even fall asleep some nights....

— this world’s such a mess.

It’s getting harder and harder to pretend

that i can ever find my way home again.

Tired of being told this world’s alright,

can’t even sleep without drugs most nights.


Things are getting dark outside,

Watch what you say, lest you be ostracized.

—The wrong opinion can ruin your life—

Wrongthink is never fine.

Keep your thoughts clean all the time.

You do you — but also do mine.


Thought policing is a lucrative hobby

First you steal my rights

and then you rob me.

It’s sad, and it’s sick

but it is what it is.


Pull your pants up and be a man

Stop mumbling shit

and say something I can understand.

Heroin eyelids and cocaine teeth

grind dreams into nothing beneath

downtrodden beliefs.


Polite society is a pipe dream.