The Rude Sales Agents

Ica Ori Agi



Observing the insane and atrocious sales persons on Tøyen Square. Flaying out their develish intention to lure huge debt. Like blind herring the scared young student was fooled bye the agressive Barracuda. But she slepped away in the last minute.

Standing likeb he Hai (shark) who is comming the fishes is cirkles and their prettending to give you pressents. The horns are hiding the jaws and teeth are sharp as razor. Poore inocent somali husband was a quick meal for the agressive predators. He got almost eaten.

They are asking for your ID, to steal your soul and grant you infinite debt. Their reach, these infentile sale sharks is in the radius of 5,56 meters and some. If your inside their premeters they will suck you, pull you and end your passive life. And you will suffer a life in eternal anoyance.

the say their sorry but in honesry they have no soul nlr care for your boiling rage. But for health sake is not their mindsett. They only wants to turn you into a grey suted debt slave with a top hat and grey mood.