To delete once past is to have that urge to slide over experiences that one would like to abolish.

I would write all my hopes in italics because it makes one want to experience those wonderful complexities by inclusion in society. What if that society was dark ages Italy, when Italy had several languages of choice and Italy was not modern day Italy but several smaller states. How preferable that place were to be Rome, how easily could you hide from the pope overruled authority in Rome. I do not think that would be so easy but if you are a shadow of the street one could probably in quite ease hide in the winery. One could also hang out with Galileo Galilei, and have fruitful discussions about elliptic shapes of nature. How likely would it be that the elliptic shape also were to be the universal true state of the idea of elliptic content and shape? Alternatively, would the cyclopoid view of singular one dimensional and narrow viewpoint, of narrow-minded views that no shapes what so ever had a true elliptic content and only a false shape. YOU CHOSE THE WRONG FONT yelled the Visigoths at the top of the tower gates, in the outskirt of Florence. THE PUNISHMENT OF USING ONE FONT IS BE TOO FLOGGED IN THE MOLLY and STRUNG UP BY THE PIKES OF YOKE. This horrid wrong font is an appalling and sick distortion of how to present any message to a dignified being, man or catfish. I would not even consider the current ant problem… to even be mentioned in the same context as the horrible wrong font that is to non-essential as a problem. (To insert a colon will then prevent to coming of the anti-Christ and if so doing you can be pleasantly passive about any judgement coming your way). »Good grieg» what is this a colon that is appearing in the wrong position! How is that even not met with severe consiquenses?