To cope with the inability to resist, is a tanz (dance) with bodies.

To cope with a world in danger of overeating, dealing with excruciating pain. From facing the world that we live in surrendering our ties to ownership. Coping with mechanisms that causes addiction to global trends, is a reminder that humans are suspicious to enslavement.

To resist the urge of temptation, from the luring and awaiting cure to wellness. Are we a numbering realisation to weak willed attitude to seduction? Resisting the need to indulge oneself in worldly pleasures and forgetting our bodies are not used to inactivity.

To tanz (to dance) is a way of relieving the bodily aches, from stagnation, through pulsating irregularities in the atmosphere. Tanzen (dancing), a means of freedom, a way out from imprisoning bodies, into flowing spirits of joy and involvement.

So to get freedom one has to know how to cope with life, how to resist temptation, and how to tanz to the melody of happy-do-little.