Not A Clown — The Entire Circus

Simon Kielczewski



You can’t force me to be sane

I’ll just do some drugs until life makes sense

or until i crash my brain.

In the end i was just outsmarted.

I was stopping

While life had just started.


I reached the edge of existence

seen the reflective pool

and i knew just what to do.

Clothes off, lamb to the slaughter

then i dipped my toes — testing the water.


If you’re in the water

—you’re in the food chain

....and not at the top like you use to be.

Contemplating apathy, two-faced empathy

and why we even bother.


—Courtesy being too much to expect

and too much to repay—

This future has become a tribute to the past. timeline ?

I’ll pass.


Wasted protoplasm,

heaped on half used orgasms.

We slaughter the unborn

and justify it with mental contortions.

Where have all the good men gone ?

They’re hiding from you and you hundred fucken abortions.


A lesser evil is still evil,

Nose to the grind

It’s what i do all the time.


— Somebody has to keep this circus running.