Why they should try to convert Green Lantern into CW




I think its about time we got to know Green Lantern and spessialy Hal Jordan. Made in the same language and relaxed feel as they made the Flash. As a way to portray the characters. One should not be afraid to make things goofy and yet serious and frightfull elements is always prescent. It is now pretty common and we got used to portrait of series being in the vision of both goofy, heroic and challanging.

As in how Arrow, Flash and Supergirl is able to portrait three completly different scopes of different rogue gallaries, and all keeping it different, and when they cross over in other spctrums not afriad to clash the styles. Always fun and bit strange when the metahumanworld of Flash meets up with the martial and mystical world of Green Arrow. And when the Flash crashlands into another universe and lands in National City and saves Supergirl and is totaly oblivious to Supergirl (and Superman),

It could be more fitting for Green Lantern to be shown in Supergirl universe, since it is in more connection with aliens and planet travel were the Flash is more explorative into extra dimentions and multiverse. while when it crosses over it also fitts into DCs view of world building. DC has a vey complex and intricate world building which spans many diffferent aspects of extra terestrials and multiversal excapades. So both Green Lantern and other characters whom deserves their own live action series can be given green light (hur-hur).

Very nice to see Supergirl give life to another original Justice League character, the heart of the Justice League - Martian Manhunter - J'onn J'onzz.a truely majestic character. whom is to little know these days