Two Phases of Fright




From two spectacles of night time sobering nightmare, of horror dream. From two distinguishing dreams whom is returning, shows the most specific fears of the subconscious – these dreams takes you into two specific areas of fright. From tall heights to dark pits. From naked industrial facades too sick assuring depth.






The Concrete Drop


Your journey ends at very tall concrete industrial, like a water power plant, and there is no other way then 100 meter straight down. The concrete is of white and yellow nuance. The desperation is solid, just as solid as the concrete cliff; sometimes it is a slim walkway, which leads to a door opening and the steep fall. Is it 100 meter or is it 400 that is unclear, it feels like a sickening fall. The building is very brutal in design, no other way out of the journey then the eternal fall into you wake up.






The Purple Fright


Your journey takes you to a deep grotto of which you feel will lead to great adventure, there is a throbbing sensation the back of your mind. A notion of a danger, which is of significant hidden intensity. The longer down the grotto you float – because in this dream you do not walk, you float – the farther down you get the narrower it get. The throb is of torrent of migraine deluxe. In the farthest depth you come to the purple and violet otherworldly, other dimensional presence, it is there but not here in the waking world.






What to conceive


It is difficult to know what I will make out of these recurring dream scenarios, but it is of fears, which is perhaps of common notion. Of heights and of darkness, the fear of the unseen and the hidden. The unseen dimensions and the tangible frights of fall and uncanny spectacles. In The Concrete Drop it is the cold look of the facade, the no-where else to go and the high. In the Purple Fright it is the notion that it is of an uncanny reality you don’t really know the origin of this purple unreached yet throbbing danger you conceive of these purple cave in the deep grotto.