Something to feed A Nervous Horse

Aginor Icarium Orion



As one suggest, times are changing. A content of which is taken as granted truth, but weeve been fooled. From a long time all was about PR. From the words its combined from PUBLICK and RELATION. It is a contract you tie yourself to a public play, a display from the view of information, interests and attention from people whon gmhave influence. We are told, adviced to rake and recive PR-advice, vicement in causes which sells our devoted energy to incalculable sources whom say they have controll but they don't PR is a school of working out network and doinh the devils bidding, the oppeite of lobbiyng, though it goes lot of energy into lobby also in PR-campaining; but they don't have enough decency to admit to such activity.






From PR to HR


In todays society, for you to get deals and jobs for people to find footing with getting into the core of earning your life weight of payment, you get to contact the HR-advicer; a very powerfull position. HUMAN RESOURCES it stands for not enogh to be a RELATION to PUBLIC interest but you also have to shove of yourself of having RESOURCES of HUMAN quality, whatever that implies. Your both of interest and a resource; what are we but toothpickers and matchstikkers to be used and tossed away for societies grander need for survival.