Natural Observations

T. K. Oih



When I look at the World today, it is obvious to me that we’re living in an Utopia. Although the orange circle on the right appears bigger, they are actually the same size.

Up to 34% of all people have not left their body by the time it is buried or cremated. As one who believes in Sharia Law over U.S. Constitution, I’m going to stick your toothbrush a little further back on your tongue than usual every single day. If you do your part, pupils can expand.

It can often be useful to divide whatever it is that you’re doing into five distinct steps. Most people don’t have the GUTS to try out social anxiety and shyness! This red smoothie helps Alabama girl hide a terrifying secret. You might also like: Top 10 Herbal Medicines That Actually Kill You.

Mainstream FINALLY admits free means it costs nothing! Real men don’t drink water. Apparently only our enemies flee war zones. This barbaric, foreign ideology needs more popcorn. Cannabis oil cures nihilism too. If your partner is one of these zodiac signs, they’re probably a nomad collapsible hot tub.

When leaving a message on this page, please be sensitive to the fact that you are responding to a real person. You’re a spiritual being in human form. See what happens when you use vinegar in the garden.