Three Ways of Becoming Immortal

K. O. Russell



History and experience have taught us that nearly everyone who has ever lived has also died. Furthermore it seems that the life of a person is tied to the life of their body. When the body dies, the person dies as well — or at least, while it may never be scientifically proven, there is a strong possibility that this is indeed the case. Hence it is strange that so few are actively seeking ways to prevent their own death, especially when the little we know about life already gives us a decent starting point for charting the different options.

Assuming that the death of one’s body would result in the death of oneself, any method of avoiding death would have to include a solution to at least one of the following three problems:

  1. Extending the life of one’s body ad infinitum
  2. Possessing another body whenever one’s current body is nearing the end of its life
  3. Adapting to existence without a body.

A discussion on the particulars of accomplishing any of the three is beyond the scope of this article.