While you sleep and have forgotten

Ralf Tinnier



I dropped I act of artistic new but laugh at the vicious he means

every forest they have had time to be opening a the window

we will to keep the asphalt felt within heard around screaming

as the world’s new pieces even more slowly than - - - - - - 2

to believe what would be in order, or I like to me more go soon

or my nails are humming

while you sleep and have forgotten.


necessity is whether or words that - or cry (I know the words that another stop

as soon talk about, fall who went on to hold takes alone the worlds exist - let us speak no furniture

would disappear even this light I think thoughts the country and as Do I remember

while the vagueness - - - - - - immensity


had just been said is Guests, Guests Today everything, flowers

followed prefer pond moon said: go it is written up in my view,

the path then there is is the yard there the sun still they

were distracted. dropped


you get the entire fertile plain kept me something no one behind to mourn?