A Eulogy and Honor to a Nervous Horse




From the first time the pipes of wind hitted the walls from afar; at the misty mountain; shiny streams of light were glimting through the thick clouds. From the rainy Pacific coastline skyes crashing to the Rocky Mountins creating torrential rain; this atmospheric landscape molded a sound which could only be described as a Sound Garden. A will to vreak the mold of expectations, to hold on to the freshly new spurs of independent musicability and alternaative expression rose the forcefull; frustrating surge of Kim Thail, Hiro Yamomoto and Christoffer Boyde ( Cornell). Firstly ass a vocalist/guitarist, later revealed from this duty by new recrute drum extrordinaire Matt Cameron.

Seattle in the 80s was an anamoly, the surging alternative rock/metal scene was also an anamoly and also the band who was founded in 1984 was an anamoly. Soundgarden was like that contrast between the depth and flow of the passific ocean and the solidity and hardness of the Rocky Mountain; but also as luiquid and sudden as torrential rain.

Like the blend of chaotic revolt and mountainus ernestness defeined both Cornells musical songwriting, hes choices of carear path and in time we will see if such also affected life. No it is no time to speculation and respect to family is first and speculations dead last.

But is send sound condolences and a warming thought to family, band mates and former band mates of Chris Cornell.