The Epic Poem of Esdragon and Cardaemon

your Abnormal serven Icarium Aginor of Eastragon and Cardamon



From the Dawn of Day and Time Es-tragon and Car-damon, would in most helixes of an hour have sexual orgies. Sensations each zenith which would cause the mixture of aromas and textures of spcies. In the days from year 12 spices were binded by the East Dragon and the Carpathian Deamon, in time their names have been clouded in myth, fairytales and cookbooks, for until now we now know them just as Cardamon and Estragon, but in anciant continent of Mu Esdragon and Cardeamon, were the dualistic premordal forces of life and deat, of aroma and texture, of spirit and corpus. from each helix one could not farthoum the vastness of their reach in both aroma and texture. Their effect on steaking, cooking, baking, seasoning. The general usage of these legendary creatured spices, the scales of dragon and the sweat of deamon, which over time has changed and been matured as plant substitutes, are now widely used ingrediances in many countrys, one does not simply make a bernaise without Estragon, the breat from the dragon of the east is crucual to the essence of bernaise and hollandaise. The lifelong seacret form the society that parrished with the dissapearing of Mu is also the seacret orriging of Estragon, and its counter oppesite Cardamon, the Deamon from the west and the dragon from east were once the rules of each skye and domain over 3 seperate dimensions, sky, fire, water, and light, dark, shadow, each of them were possisioned in each man who were able to channel the essence of Cardamon and Estragon, but these things got lost with the sinking of Mu. Now we can only wait and ponder, see if the holy scrolls are found, will all the seacrets of Cardeamon and Esdragon be then revlealed, and how will this help us unravvel the mystery of cooking and also the extension of life which is spice. How spice of Estragon and Cardamon is the key to understand good hygene and imortality is of vastest importance.