Consumption, Motivation, Ambition






It bothers me — while I stand in line at festivals, buying in groceries, watching the amount of kilos, liters, and meters of resources we consume and fill our bodies and life with, it bothers me. It feels out of order, and very chaotic and out of bounds with sanity. With amounts pr gallons of beer pouring out from tanks, tons of food eaten, and thousands of meters of wheat harvested by our need for festivity and joy. Consumption by the masses observed through my eyes, leaves me often times uncomfortable, and queasy. It is nothing I really want to physically do something about or wants to go though some lifestyle changing moments, but mo body reaction doesn’t lie. Mass consumption by the amount filling our needs to festivity and ferocity thirst for pleasure — seems to be bottomless. The mill from where we gather our consuming goods are not everlasting isn’t infinite source of goods. Resources which we use and by the disheartening amount we day by day is transported and sold, and manufactured, turns my stomach, it turns my stomach like ill-festered water. Wrongness is the word I will most confidently use to describe the turning which my stomach makes by the observation of observed mass consumption. By the act of blind gleeful appetite, and lust for joyful social gatherings, it is okay to be mindful about it, at-least for 10-15 seconds pr day or even 8-9 nine min per week. For me at least, it works as a kind of soul searching, an urge for a written reaction, as an issue I feel the need for, to put it in words. Describe with words my gut reaction on mass consumption. Why feel bothered about such issues and then not put it too words feel irresponsible and wrong.








Motivation to write is to put to words issues which happen to fester in my mind, to the issues in motion, and not turn it into a concern, but into a productive task force. The motive is the way in which we consume beverages and foods, with-out putting in mind the amount, and the non-infinite amount of product we imagine we have. Carelessness is what our motivation as an end-result as the goal. For in the farthest corridor of our ambition lies the carrot in a distant wire-thread.








Ambition for the sake of putting irritation, repulsion and queasiness into a conscious thought and then figure it out is the key. Ambition is not to make change, nor fix anything. Conceptualizing the feelings emitting from gut reaction is a sport in-itself, my ambition is pushed forward from my own interest in putting gut reactions into sentences. Mass consumption is in the end a result in the ambition of belief in the borderless scope of non-caring and fun-searching.