Why They Want Us to Wear Trousers

J. K. Giih



He who in today’s society ventures outside his apartment cannot help but wonder why he is expected to wear trousers. Some might argue the purpose of trousers is to protect the legs from snakes — but if that were so, why would we be wearing them in the winter? Others might suggest trousers provide us with pockets for our keys and wallets — but aren’t there also skirts and dresses with pockets?

The real reason we wear trousers is evident to anyone who has walked relatively long distances wearing them: trousers are the only piece of clothing specifically designed to wear out at the crotch due to friction and other unavoidable natural phenomena. Is it then any surprise that the Jews who control the media are doing everything in their power to trick us into confining our legs in this devilishly fragile garment that must be thrown away and rebought at regular intervals? Think of the propaganda you are exposed to in a day to day life: when was the last time you saw a commercial or heard a song or read a magazine article where someone didn’t wear trousers? Most clothing stores don’t even carry skirts or dresses for men, conveniently forcing them to either settle for trousers or buy their clothes online with a credit card, supplying their personal information to a global database of likely threats to the establishment in the process.

Incidentally, and to the advantage of the ruling class, the very flaw of trousers is also the reason why women have always been so keen on wearing them: the tendency of trousers to fall apart gives women and womanly men alike a valid excuse to buy new clothes regularly, which is one of the many methods they use to satisfy their inherent vanity. It is no coincidence that the theory of feminism encourages the weaker sex to appropriate the masculine way of life: wearing trousers, smoking cigarettes, driving cars, voting at elections . . . the list goes on. It doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to guess who funds the universities whose corrupt leaders have no problem with spreading this destructive doctrine through gender studies and postmodern art theory while at the same time the two-thousand-year legacy of legitimate philosophy and science is being systematically obliterated. The sneaky rats even go as far as to wear trousers themselves.

The situation may seem helpless, but for those who have the will and the strength to fight back, rejecting trousers and embracing skirts can be a surprisingly smooth transition. Skirts are available in many of the same fabrics already familiar from trousers, such as denim, leather and cotton, and since the skirt hangs freely in most situations, the thickness, weave and general quality of the fabric are not of as much relevance as they would be in trousers. Many a skirt, when worn in average civilian circumstances, is practically indestructible. And as far as the designs go, the world of skirts offers infinitely more variety than that of trousers. You might be hard pressed to find trousers with playful floral patterns at your nearest department store, but on summer skirts such colourful imagery is practically the norm. It is also worth noting that since the basic shape of the skirt could hardly be more simple, making one out of any fabric of your choice is not a particularly arduous task even without the benefit of a sewing machine.

If you lack imagination, you may be delighted to know that ready patterns are available. Not many decades ago there used to be numerous magazines that published such patterns, and with some luck you may still find them at flea markets and second hand stores. Obtaining patterns through the internet is less preferable, as you cannot do it anonymously. However if you must resort to digital copies, it is a good idea to print them out and store them in a safe place, as we never can predict which citadels of culture the savage fists of censorship shatter next.