The Story worth Telling




The animal deity kingdom if full of horrific and graphic stories, of which details is not to be leaked to the public. What is it to be done about, what can be done with the leaks, how to stop the cracks were rumours are coming to the surface. Aint worth telling the frog, he aint got the guts to tell it to the news editor. But someone might have bribed him to come to the surface, with the news. Frog was offered plenty of money to be made brave to spill the news. What was it to gain? Well the rat was a squirming victim of slander so who to blame is not sufficient to say. Frog and rat was companions of the domain of deity hood, the holy hologram of lab test. The Sparrow was sent to tell the Frog Prince to delay the progress, but wat is it to gain, fish is to get fried. The animal kingdom is full of fried links, which will see the end of this terrible thing. The Fish is a wise adviser and his wisdom is sound to hear. What is to be found In this continuum is a solution to the squander of lies, of which animals to actually listen to, the frog, the rat, the fish or the bird, they all are very important to the balance of the sphere, and to the entire balance of communication, the game is on. What is hunting our tale is not to make us squeal, or speak to the press, but the mystery is who the perpetrator is. If that truth is found one might stop the chaos which will be caused by the stress put upon the holy animals, but the solution is not violence, but smart dialog, and short self-pompous monologues. The final result will be the exclusion of the rat.