Queer Haikus

Daemon Purcell



Queer Haiku #1 — Untitled


I Love A Hard Cock

Pulsating In My Rectum

Until I Yell Cum




Queer Haiku #2 — Burn The City, Save The City


Fuck My Quivering

Little Bitchshit Asshole

As I Scream For More




Queer Haiku #3 – Love On 67th Street


Douse Me In Your Cum

Make Me Breathe Your Sweet Semen

I’ll Taste It For Days




Queer Haiku #4 – Untitled #2


I Dream Of Long Cocks

Making My Colon Prolapse

With Stunning Gusto




Queer Haiku #5 – Sunset In The Valley


If You Keep Stroking

I Will Soon Ejaculate

Into Howard’s Ass