Lean In Me: A Dabbler’s Consumer Report

Seth H. Monroe



Uncertainty flirts with courtesy when a heretic is determined to express with urgency, the plural forms of rural pictorials.

Memorials for the corporeal hordes with dry humour are held and cost top dollar.

To be waterboarded by a morbid angel whose entire angle is to restore the joy of former glory, is sorely lacking a backing track.

Back-masking a task that is only achieved with a nip from a flask is the best way to fast-track the path to casket.

A basket full of blown gaskets is a distraction from spastic overreactions that exact tactful vengeance.

Energy spent on engines of penance is wasted if no one can sift through the remnants.

Pin the pendant on the co-dependant, like a donkey’s tail. The end is splendid.

Bong resin-scented, demented and not worth a mention in any periodical.

Mayhem is methodical and a noose always has a lot of pull.

Who you know in this cold abyss is who will show the best methods to take the piss.

Basted in complacency and placed in a nameless agency to produce results.

Aimlessly, the target waits for any kind of contact.

Tin foil in tact, a pact is made to tip well crafted hats.