How to Get a Girl to Like You

U. N. Ture



Be clear on your intentions.

Wear things that flatter and complement you.

Try smiling with your eyes.

Get rid of all distractions.

Unplug all power cables.

Take a couple of deep breaths.

Try to be unique and interesting.

Make a funny joke.

Use alcohol.

Be assertive.

Use a screwdriver.

Make sure you know what to do.

Write »I love you» in unlikely places.

Push your tongue against the skin below your bottom teeth.

Practice in front of a mirror.

Don’t use too much force.

Consider the legal and ethical implications.

Apply heat sparingly.

Make her feel special.

Practice on junk components.

Be a bit elusive and mysterious.

Go hiking.

Prepare for the worst.

Equip yourself with explosive arrows and grenades.

Make yourself impossible to forget.

Don’t be surprised if you get grabbed.

Stay alert.

Use common sense.

Wait for instructions.