Are Nervous Horse Eco-friendly




Horses are known to be grand farters and pooers, also rumours to be grand deliverers of CO2. What does this have of concert of Nervous Horse, and in general nervous horses, everyone knows that most mammals fart as a way of escaping or relieving stress, to both scare of predators and to lure of unwanted social interaction. It comes to no surprise then, that those horses who are nervous also farts a lot, and by that causes a lot of CO2 to enter the atmosphere. It is no shock really to the notion of nervous horses to be a major issue, ever since jockeying and horse competition, most horses are in due to harsh training environment, in an epic scale, filled with grand measure of stress, from both lousy diets, bad tempered trainers, winy wannabie knights and princesses who think they are gonna save the world or look puny. NO, horses are not only to be nice to look at, they are man’s pride, and man’s pride lies on the shoulder of an even prouder horse, so for a nervous horse to regain some self-confidence, it needs to re-establish itself as a proud animal, who takes no shit from shitty trainers. Some people are actually nice to horses, there is no proof of them farting less then horses that are under major press, but they are obviously less stressed and therefore less nervous which one might assume, farts less.

So a good funded horse whisperer and a campaign to gain access to study and resources to gain the welfare of PTSD horses, Nervous Horses, and man eating Donkey-Horses, will be of great need, and it will be of great need. the need for horses to feel safe, and less like an endangered rhino, is to lift its head, and to whistle proud, not wonder why the saying goes like this »your sitting on your tall horse aight», which is a sign for a high position of both moral high ground and logically esteemed self-esteem.

More help to PTSD Horses, Nervous Horses and man eating Donkey-Horses.

........also stop shooting Rhinos........