Mind and Soil




»mind is a wonderfull thing, it can be used for plenty, i think of stuff, pondering about alot, what is it not. to be is to think to wonder about stuff. What is stuff, what are we doing with stuff. What are things and what is stuff. do we need both stuff and things, do we fill stuff with things, and do we fill things with stuff. I think we are more or less what we think, and behave as if we is »not». We make up our mind on the whim, and create our universes so dim. Angel, dragon and genies we are of tripodic mental images, our mind juggles the conschious, the instinct and the sub-conscious. It awakes in us the angel, the dragon, and the djinni. A tricectum of various motivations and boundless mental prowess, and ambitoun to conquer. Concquer the dimentional bounds of the relative, the quantive and subversive mind. with the light and hope of the angel, the force and vitality of the dragon and the posibilities and abstract of the djinni» mind is what we make of it, be it concrete or abstract, but ultimatly the best is a dose of both, so open up for the angel and the dragon, and take a faithfull sipp of the djinn, and your imagination will fly until it crashes on hard soil»