Horseshoe crab is not a nervous horse, yet they are profoundly shy, and not really a horse, and neither a crab.

They are natures true wonder and surviver, been there since the age of trillobites, since the beginning of early earth, when oceans where everywhere.

Horseshoe crab, becomes the ultimate meaning of all life, since they define life and afterlife, yet they are not crabs.

Neither horses nor crabs philosofye what horseshoe crabs truely are, neither do they care that Oarfishes are not Oars, or tha Sturgeon is also a scottish politician.

I was wearing my cloak of and armor, of fabrikated horseshoe crab, becouse it is more nice then wearing a coat of dead animals, my armor of horseshoe crab that arent crab a syntetic.

Horseshoe crab are related to spiders and scorpions.