Cologne On Garbage

Seth H. Monroe



Support your local KVLT ladder if you want to rise above a high horse.

Leadership is held in too high of a regard since the followers hold most of the influence.

Opinions sway like drunkards in a hurricane only to stand still for brief moments of clarity.

Charity is a rarity that amplifies disparity.

God placed her left hand on a book because I asked her to swear at me.

Compared to careless and feral children, I could never make quick decisions.

Imitation limits forgiveness for those who don’t make time to fidget.

A shoulder is refrigerated, holding weight regurgitated.

Surges of the purest boredom get ignored because it’s normal.

Formal attire at a tire fire is the choicest outfit worn by liars.

I’ve conspired against the grain.

Pain is all there was to gain.

Dirty laundry and stain removal is the only way to show and prove I’ll move a mountain.

I never liked ant hills anyway.

Good for nothing but abruptly ringing in another day.

I live to leave where others stay.

Under the cover of cosmic waste.

Time and space need no applause since both are clearly lacking grace.