The Acolyte and the Fish




One day, it was a very cold day, one which we have never encounterd before, people were scatterd around on flocks, like scared seagulls. A nasty wind was howling, making it even more horrendous, and the nature of things, biting and harsh as the coldest icy shards.

Sailing over the ocean, the mighty Stellar Sea Eagle, tough as it was, did not face this issue, it was nothing new to him, he has ridin theese winds for 1000s of years, how so. He was the King of Pray, the eagles of all eagles, wingspan of 15 meters and could fly for so long time, decades could pass before he touched the land, he could sometimes dissapear in-between the skies, into hidden pocket-dimentions. There he and other Birds, converged and mingled, talked about how hunter and pray should work out, how a honouroble death could be won, both as Birds of Pray, and pray.

The eagles had only one enemy, the mighy dolphins, and their queen Daphnee, while Eagles ruled the skies, the Dolphines were the supreme ocean rulers and guardians of both vertebries and invertabries, fish, sea-mammels and reptiles, they had a seacret union, as the birds had, a seacret pocket dimention hidden in-betweeen corral reevs. Dolphins could telephathicly comunicate with eachohter, so advanced were they become, that the audible clicking was just for show, the real communication, telephathicly went over most speceis heads.






On a windy cliff on tipp of western Norway, stood a girl in her mid 20s, observing the winds and the waves, raging cold wind and mighty waves, but not violent enough to be of any dangour to her, no fear of getting varried of and into the hungry monster that was the sea. In her sparetime she was voulentiering, for most organisation she could possibly have time for, Red Cross, Amnisty, Green Peace, WWF, was a member of the Norwegian Green Party, mostly for being in debates, the political side of it did not bother her, but if influence was something you could gain, she would do it of-course, she was also on her 4th year student on bioligy, with her primary focus on ecology, biodiversity, and climatology, she also had side courses in physics. An avid reader of scienece she often wonderd about life and its complexities, yet how simple it all looked on the surface, but how it all was so elegantly intertwined, yet so simple in its strain.

»Think that all life (that we know of), has the same DNA? how magnificent that is» she said to the ocean, as if the ocean ware able to replay. Mathilde, she was given that name, she really liked it. It had a certain ring to it, of meaning and yet of a certain importance, she often spoke to the ocean, other might concieve tha as wierd or even half crazy, yet she thought it was kind of being introspective, the ocean was viewed in much mythology, many mythological stories, plenty of them had a view of the ocean, as something powerfull, something mysterious, a way to chaos, a violent force, i violent force, but also a source of life and change, even though she fully emerged herself in science, and wanted to explore nature through the lence of science, there were some romantic about the language of myth.

Close to the cliff some hundret meter backwards and some killometers to the side was a tourist centre/cafeteria/hotel, wher she often went after she had »conversed» with the ocean, she usualy spent 2 hours watching the ocean, taking notes, played guitar, or read books, when she was not watching the ocean, she was spending time doing what most people in the 20s in 2010s did, when not viewing the ocean, she wrote on her school-papers., working on her thesis, watching series on Netflix, talked to the people who vissited the cafeteria/hotel, workers, staff. She had made a deal with the place and the university she attended, that she could rent a room, during her studies, and could come whenever she could, when she was not there she was studying in Trondheim, a city in the midle of Norway, NTNU, she found the place on west coast of Norway on happenstance, she was hicking with friends from Green Peace, and she just felt she found pieces of herself she was not aware of, and a calm that she always had to return to.