T. K. Oih



I’m 25 and can honestly say I’m a virgin, have never been kissed by a girl or ever dated. As each year passes I feel a deeper sense of sorrow and loneliness. I assume women my age and even younger expect any guy they go out with to have some relationship experience. I don’t want to meet up with strangers but I don’t know what to do. It’s not because of religious reasons either. I’m straight I don’t look like a supermodel but I’m not ugly am I weird? Everyone at my university is having sex. All the cool kids are doing it. I’m the lucky one who gets to sit at the table and hear about their ’colourful’ weekends with their boyfriends. I feel like a total outcast. I go clubbing all the time and am regarded as a party animal but I lost my chance to have my first kiss with the one I love. A kiss usually comes before you start going out with someone. I am going to die never been kissed. Personally I think I would make a great boyfriend. I’m pretty shy I don’t have a job but I like to think I’m funny is this normal? I get along with people just fine. I have no confidence I’m nervous and afraid of rejection. At this point there’s bound to be some permanent psychological damage. Most women around me are already married. I wish none of this had happened. This question has been deleted.