The time is upon uss, the time we all have been waiting for, the ultimite time is pressent, for now we are readdy for the final but also the the beginning, of the next Triangulum. We can not fully understand/comprehend, this massive news of which we are know waiting for, only thouse who are prepared, will catch a glimpse of this magnificant event. Triangulum happens only once in each lifetime, its wahat happens when three things happens simultaniously,, unparralelle event, of ganz fantastique. Magnitude of tonnage which this will pour out are so imence you will be left blind in awe of the meere sight of it, a restart of which happens so random, you cannot be prepared, while we are sitting fronting the PC-screen (or Mac-screen (or even Linux-screen) ), will not wait for ever, casue faith will pull your mind in that direction, it is fortoled in ancients scrolls, the imence force of the Triangulum, it will engulf our minds completly, bever, and beware this event, otters, bevers and rakoons are in position, the Triangulum is upon uss.

Mighty it will be in all the colours of the rainbow, so shiny and tempasiousl, our lines will blur by its warping vortex, its the end all and be all of all lines as we kknow it, hasten to the view poitns, we can all make it to the Triangulum, of LADASME.