Time Travel

Georges Cunningham



As I

Masturbate to

Pictures of

Isla Blackman‘s

Bleached anus

I think,

‘Should I

Invest in

Foreign market

Based situational

Conduit IRAs?

Can religion

Be autonomically

Dialectical or

Intertwined with

Pragmatic intellectualism

Through science?

Is it

Mercurial to

Define self

Worth via

Overarching, superimposed,

Ephemeral, and

Conditioned models

Of superiority

And success

While demanding

Aesthetic perfection,

Perfunctorily didactic

Metatonic equanimity,

And preternatural

Metaphysical tranquility?’

A final

Urethral spasm

And my

Thick, piquant,

Redolent semen

Squeezes out

And decorates

The orange

Shag carpet.